Impact - ITPatagonia
Impact - ITPatagonia
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We generate a real impact by taking the lead

We want to be part of a new sustainable world and a responsible, fair, and integrated society. That is why we are committed to current well-being and future generations. We balance purpose and profit considering the impact our decisions make on the economy, society, and the environment.



We generate quality employment opportunities through a free training program focused on employability for young people. The new talents who graduate from the IT2030 program contribute to the development of the IT industry.



At IT Patagonia, we work side by side with the “Sur Solidario” Foundation on initiatives to promote social inclusion and people’s development. This alliance was the seed of the JENI program. We train young people in help-desk abilities such as installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, and networks.

More info at IT2030



We promote best practices in our offices and coordinate our work with different cooperatives.

Our sustainability team also measure our carbon footprint and work to minimize our environmental impact.